Proudly hosted by the Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Council (SA) Inc.

Advancing drug and alcohol education

14 Oct 2016
11:15 am
Ballroom 5

Advancing drug and alcohol education

Youth 2 Knowledge (Y2K) is an Indigenous owned Drug and Alcohol Program. Over the passed 18 months Y2K have spoken to over 10,000 {Indigenous and Non Indigenous) students around Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

Using the latest 3D brain scan technology, the one-hour workshop helps students understand what illicit drugs can do to a teenager’s developing brain, and equips them with the scientific evidence they need to make positive choices about their own health and wellbeing.

Y2K’s young, relatable facilitators also explore the influence of media and celebrity culture and show teenagers how to deflect peer-pressure scenarios, giving them the tools they need to face an ever-changing society.

Developed with the input of professional psychologists, the program is designed to engage students socially and visually and to provide a unique, youth-centred approach to drug awareness and harm minimization.

The Y2K program has been run in several remote Indigenous community’s such as Bamaga, Woorabinda, Oodnadatta Aboriginal High school and Mackay¬†District for Indigenous students.

By advancing drug education Y2K have found that teenagers intending to take drugs dropped by 50%, which resulted in a total of 91o/o claiming they did not intend on taking illegal street drugs after the Y2K program.

Youth2Knowledge continue to help Close The Gap by 2030.