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Drug and alcohol day centres: their role in reducing harm

Treatment/Healing Stream
13 Oct 2016
11:45 am
Ballroom 4

Drug and alcohol day centres: their role in reducing harm

In August 2007, the Australian Government approved funding to provide drug and alcohol services in regional and remote Aboriginal communities across South Australia. The non- residential rehabilitation Day Centres in Port Augusta and Ceduna were developed as part of this funding agreement.

Since their inception, the Day Centres have been working tirelessly to provide non-residential treatment options to people with alcohol and other drug problems as well as provide the necessary outreach services to outlying communities. Assessments and brief intervention services for clients, including daily care services, recreational and cultural activities, personal hygiene facilities, laundry and meal provision are part of the services delivered based on the harm minimisation approach.

The Day Centres have now entered a new phase under the management of Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council in providing support to clients wishing to access treatment at the recently established residential rehabilitation therapeutic community program in Port Augusta. In addition to continuing their core business, the Day Centres are also now the first contact and liaison point in accessing the residential rehabilitation program.