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Healing from addiction through the family

Treatment/Healing Stream
12 Oct 2016
Ballroom 2

Healing from addiction through the family

Blue Care Indigenous Services (BCIS) includes two residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in Far North Queensland that understand the problem of addiction as existing within the family, not the individual; and addiction is recognised as the symptom much deeper hurts the family has not yet healed from.

A multi-generational genogram that tracks addiction, mental health and relationships will be used to follow the journey of an individual through one of the services, and an entire family through the other service aligning each families genogram to the historical events significant to their local community. The presenters will articulate what the problem often looks like on the surface and then they will introduce the frameworks used to engage, hold and create the environment for healing.

Modified therapeutic community is the fundamental framework that underpins both services and defines the relationships that connects staff and residents alike. People experience safety, respect and genuine care that is at the core of each community and the strength of rapidly forming a sense of belonging to a caring family is integral to success.

Coupled with the modified therapeutic community framework is a systemic family therapy model that is utilised by all clinical workers to build a specific understanding of the context of the individual and families lives so that they can utilise the strengths of a reflecting team to formulate tailored interventions that will include the strengths from the family and broader community along with services to achieve their goals and realise long term change.

BCIS residential rehabilitation units maintain a staffing ratio of between 60% and 80% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and are developing both centres to being a Healing Space and a Training Hub that has seen targeted training delivered in the areas of Narrative Therapy and Systemic Family therapy with University Training starting 2017.