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Integrated approach using health promoting services to reduce alcohol-related harm in families

Health Promotion Stream
12 Oct 2016
Ballroom 3

Integrated approach using health promoting services to reduce alcohol-related harm in families

Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services is currently using a holistic and collaborative approach to providing alcohol and drug related education and support to families who are seeking help within the Fitzroy Valley.

A partnership between WA Country Health Service, Kimberley Population Health Unit and Nindilingarri, established in 2006, has facilitated the use of a referral system to enable access by families to the culturally appropriate health promotion and education services.

Increasingly, the AODHP team has promoted and supported families who wish to establish Section 152 alcohol restrictions in their homes. This support includes assistance to families to submit applications and alcohol and drug education, which can be delivered in the family home.

The Section 152 Part 5B of the Liquor Control Act 1988 (the Act) is designed to address alcohol-related issues: for example, when friends and relatives may cause trouble when drinking liquor in a person’s home, or the owner or occupier is concerned about other antisocial alcohol related behaviour in the home, they can apply to have that place declared a liquor restricted premises. Once a Liquor Restricted Premises Declaration has been issued, a notice must be displayed onsite.

A referral process between local police and the AODHP team is in place so that if a 152 house places a phone call for support to Police, they are offered follow up visits and support from the AODHP team.

There are now 38 liquor-restricted houses in Fitzroy Crossing with more pending – these results give credence to the importance of collaborative approaches to health related services, and the involvement of Aboriginal families in the types of services that are offered, to reduce alcohol and drug-related harm, in families.