Proudly hosted by the Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Council (SA) Inc.

Nga Kaitiaki Marae based youth leadership programme

Youth Stream
14 Oct 2016
11:15 am
Ballroom 4

Nga Kaitiaki Marae based youth leadership programme

The Nga Kaitiaki Marae based Youth leadership programme was developed to target ‘At Risk Youth’ in a community that suffers from a low socio-economic decile rating. Alcohol, Drugs, high youth suicide rates, limited engagement in education and teen pregnancy all contributed to the development of the program.

Using structured activities that encourage community participation and belonging.  The program draws upon our repositories of knowledge ie Tikanga and other community knowledge bases.   These allow Youth to achieve measurable, desired outcomes, and the ability to see the tangible outcomes of their decision- making processes on themselves, their whanau and their community, immediately.

Taking facets of Te Ara Poutama and combining with key areas of the Takarangi Framework enables the Taitamariki to be acknowledged for their learnings through achievable merit steps.  We have been able to arahi Taitamariki on a pathway of self -discovery, challenge and personal resolution. Tuakana / Teina based on knowledge not age.

The Journey of Nga Kaitiaki is underpinned by the acronym P.R.I.D.E – Perseverance, Resilience, Independence, Determination and Empowerment.

Challenging the youth on the program to look within themselves for discovery of who they are and whom they come from.  Building upon this knowledge using the ohaki that was left from ‘mai ra an?’ and evolving it to take them into the future.

Peer to peer relationships occur across all generations allowing full use of the skills and experiences of our community both M?ori and non-M?ori. It is this shared relationship that ensures a bi-cultural leadership role is developed within our Taitamariki whom are our agents for change.