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Sorting through fact and fiction about ‘ice’: online learning for frontline workers

Treatment/Healing/Research Stream
Allan Trifonoff
14 Oct 2016
12:15 pm
Ballroom 3

Sorting through fact and fiction about ‘ice’: online learning for frontline workers

There is growing interest in learning more about crystal methamphetamine (‘ice’) and its impact on individuals, families and communities. It is important to dispel the myths and ensure that frontline workers, managers and service providers have access to correct information and practical advice about how to deal with its impact.

The National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) will showcase its national, freely available and innovative Ice: Online training for frontline workers. This resource is Australia’s most comprehensive repository of information, resources and tools about crystal methamphetamine.

The online training resource provides accurate and up-to-date information with a specific focus on the identification and care of people who are intoxicated with, and/or withdrawing from, crystal methamphetamine and their families and carers. The topics contain written information, data, graphs and videos, and exercises to enhance learning and skill development.

Issues covered in the presentation include: information about crystal methamphetamine and its use and harms; how its use affects people, families and communities; worker safety and preventing, managing and recovering from crystal methamphetamine-related critical incidents; communicating with and supporting people who use crystal methamphetamine; strategies for preventing and intervening in crystal methamphetamine use.