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From Action on Ice to ‘Eyez on Ice’ in Queensland

24 Mar 2021
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From Action on Ice to ‘Eyez on Ice’ in Queensland

Crystal methamphetamine (ice) continues to impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families and communities.

Following strong representation by the Community Controlled Alcohol and Other Drugs sector, the Queensland Government funded the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council for two AOD-OUR-WAY projects under the Action on Ice Strategy: The Queensland Government’s plan to reduce use and harms associated with crystal methamphetamine. The AOD-OUR-WAY projects partnered with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled services, Alcohol and Other Drug agencies and networks.

The first project, AOD-OUR-WAY project funded from 2016-2018 focused on professional workforce development. This included the development and delivery of Crystal-Clear workshops that provided information around effects of substances (with a focus on ice) on mind, body and spirit and intervention strategies for working with families.

The second project, AOD-OUR-WAY 2 project (Eyez on Ice) funded from 2019 – 2021 focuses on community resource development. This package provides information on effects of substance use (with a focus on ice), harm reduction strategies, treatment and support services and how to respond to critical incidents for workers, families and young people through different resources. Resources include health professional’s information pack, family worksheets, animation videos and physical resources such as wristbands, magnets and wallet cards.

This presentation on the AOD-OUR-WAY 2 project will provide an overview of the Eyez on Ice resource package and the development process that ensured effective and appropriate contextualised resources were developed to support preventative strategies, intervention and healing.